15 Brilliantly Inspiring Resources to Light a Forest Fire Under Your Ass Okay so maybe you’re not the “forest fire under your ass” type… Maybe you’re more from the “masseuse hands manipulating your lower back” bunch… And even if you’re a bit of both of those, sometimes you still have your “just show me some cool shit man” moments. Whatever tickles your fancy is totally fine.

About a month after you sign up for our newsletter, i’m going to shut myself up and ask YOU to speak. It’ll come right after i send you the email about “How to Find Your Purpose” but before i ask you “Are You Being Realistic? I’ll ask you one question and it’ll be this:

What inspiring articles, blog posts, or videos have you seen lately that have had THE BIGGEST IMPACT on you? Well here are 15 brilliantly inspiring answers that some Sensophizers gave me (combined with some personal favorites of my own!)

1. BEFORE I DIE. (blog-post)

Before I Die

This is super dope. Candy Chang turned the side of an abandoned house in her neighborhood into a giant chalkboard! Then, she invited other people to share what’s important to them by creating the platform for them to share what they want to do before they die. Immensely inspiring!

2. I AM. (movie)

I Am I was at my boy’s crib the other night watching the NBA finals when he stopped the game and said i HAD to see something on Oprah! His words were, “yo, this guy is you!” Well that’s a fun fantasy-world but i checked out the Oprah episode and the wisdom which Tom Shadyac shares is straight refreshing. He’s the director behind movies like Ace Ventura and The Nutty Professor. In this documentary he addresses two questions and contemplates the answers. What’s wrong with our world, and what can we do to make it better?

3. STUCK IN CUSTOMS. (photo-blog)

Stuck In Customs Inspiration comes in all 5 senses. Here’s something to stimulate you visually. Stuck in Customs is the coolest photo-blog i’ve ever come across. You’ll notice that they were kind enough to let us use their pictures in some of our most popular posts.

4. MUSIC THOUGHTS. (quotes)

Music Thoughts Firstly, the elusive “About Page” of this site seems to have escaped the author’s interest in including. So this may turn out to be a website about Puerto Rican parrot racing, but i think it’s about sharing inspirational messages in the context of music. You can’t go wrong with some quality quotes and awesome design. Dig in dude!

5. SUNSCREEN. (video)

Sunscreen This one is fresh! I came across it on an early morning twitter check-in from my buddy in Belgium, @davykestens. It’s densely packed wisdom with beautiful imagery that will leave you wondering why you ever took life so seriously. Highly recommend it.

6. THE FLIP SIDE. (blog-post)

The Flip Side Seth Godin may be the most well respected marketer on the market. He puts out a daily dosage of dope wisdom that’ll shoot right into your blood flow and pump you up. Here’s one little random thought he shared about “failure.” I digs it.


Blissitations My Rant: Did you know that 95% of your thoughts today are the same as they were yesterday? And 95% of the ones tomorrow will be the same as today’s. We also have what psychologists call ANTS (automatic negative thoughts) that are hardwired into us from 1000s of years ago in order to help us survive the wild. The good news is that we don’t need those thoughts anymore since we’ve evolved. The bad news is that “Automatic Negative Thoughts” still come up. Meditation is the most powerful way I’ve found to “retrain” my brain to think what i want it to think. I can’t overemphasize how powerful of a practice this is for me (as I’ve meditated virtually every single day for the last year!) My buddy Brain Johnson created an awesome product to help you do the same.

8. 52 WEEKS OF HELLO. (blog)

52 Weeks of Hello I may be a bit bias here because the creator of this blog, David Hill, made me a part of his social experiment. I do deeply dig the idea though. His aim is to reach out to one person he admires each week for one year, and authentically create a connection with them. That’s it! No motive for world domination, and no motive for people to include him in list blog posts (like this one), but just showing love and saying whadddddup! You’re sure to find some cool peeps as David’s currently 4 months into his social experiment.

9. ACCOMPLISHMENTS. (database)

Accomplishments So this may be more sad than inspiring but take it as you will. If you type your age in, the system will tell you what other people accomplished at your age. For instance, i’m 26 years old and I’ve eaten more watermelon in the last few days than i care to share. On the other hand, when Einstein was 26, he published five major research papers, fundamentally changing man’s view of the universe and leading to inventions like television and the atomic bomb. Your call.

10. VULNERABILITY. (ted-video)

Vulnerability Brene Brown goes deep into a discussion on the idea of human connections and why they’re so important. One of the idea’s which i love most in this talk is that if you want to authentically connect with people, you have to be able to let go of who you “should” be in order to be who you actually are. Highly recommend getting into this!

11. DO NOTHING FOR 2 MIN. (game)

Do Nothing For 2 Min It’s not as easy as it sounds. Can you sit still, right here, right now, and relax your ass muscle for two minutes? No mouse movement, no keyboard clacking. Give it a shot solider.

12. DRIBBLE. (design gallery)

Dribble Looking for some quick artistic inspiration? Take a stroll around this site and see some creative ideas unfolding as they develop. Dribble is a show and tell for the creative crowd. Designers, developers, and other creative freak-shows share screenshots of their works in progress. Kinda cool.

13. 7 PRINCIPLES OF HUNA. (blog)

7 Principles Of Huna Huna is an esoteric ancient Hawaiian philosophy. A couple of years ago i read a book called Mastering Your Hidden Self: A Guide to the Huna Way. At the time i read it, the wisdom within it really resonated withcha boy… BIG time! Well i went on an Easter egg hunt and looked for everything i could on the subject. This was one of the cooler references i found.

14. GRATITUTE LOG. (journal)

Gratitude Log If you’ve read our Happiness Habits report (all the way at the top right of the screen) then you’ll know that expressing gratitude is one of the easiest ways to increase your happiness. Gratitude Log provides the platform for you to do exactly that. Although i now use my journal instead of PC, Gratitude Log is a super simple way to bust out 5 things that you’re thankful for everyday.


Stuff White People Like Indie Music, Apple products, Netflix, Arrested Development, renovations, breakfast places, the Daily Show, architecture…. COME ON! Hilarious. This site is good for a seemingly inappropriate but surprisingly tasteful laugh. Enjoy it!


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