Check Yourself Before You Wreck YourselfNote: Today’s post is a guest contribution from Sal Greco.

If you haven’t come across Sal yet, it’s time you get acquainted with this bad ass, warm spirited, tell it like it is, surf his way to success, homeboy! He’s got a great outlook on life that always comes across as ultra-authentic. Here goes…

“Check yourself, before you wreck yourself”… Besides a corny saying you might blurt out to your friends, what does this phrase mean to you?

To me this statement can be used as a mantra. When used correctly you can help provide yourself with the necessary adjustments to conquer the world.


Failure = A Bad Attitude

A bad attitude leads to negative affirmations or negative self speak. Jacob has referred to this in past videos, about a small annoying little voice in your head that plays an antagonist role in anything you do.

It is a bad attitude that will lead you to failure 100% of the time. You might be saying to yourself, that you have a good attitude, and you have failed before, even though you were as positive as a small child holding balloons. I am not talking about not succeeding at a specific event, I am talking about complete failure. The kind that comes along with giving up. The kind that ends a lifestyle dream of yours. This can only happen if a bad attitude wins out.

Here is the common scenario: You have a big idea planned. Apart of you thinks it can do great things, and then there is a little small part of you that says, “are you kidding, no one is going to believe this from you,” or “that idea sucks, it has been had before, you are nothing special.”

Then you start to procrastinate on your idea. The voice in your head starts getting to you, and prevents you from furthering your conquest. One day, you are surfing the web, and then BAM… Someone has done it. Your own idea has already been fulfilled by someone else and it hits you in the face so hard, you contemplate giving up.

That exact situation was from personal experience. I had a great idea, and my bad attitude (which was really disbelief in if it could work) ended up pushing me toward inaction, which lead someone else to take action, and me sitting there in the dust, wondering if anything I do will ever achieve a level of greatness I am searching for.

I am very thankful that this one incident did not bring me all the way down, because I was able to turn my attitude around. The realization of “hey, at least I know I have good ideas,” led me to believe in myself once again, and take the world on once more.

Winning = A Good Attitude

Before I move on and discuss how a good attitude leads to winning, lets quickly go over what an attitude is. No need for an actual definition, just simply put, an attitude is your belief in something that provides you with a frame of mind. Therefore, if you have a positive belief, deep down in your core, then your frame of mind will reflect that, thus producing positive actions from yourself. Now moving on…

Anyone who has accomplished great things has done so with the right attitude, fueling the right frame of mind. I mean, do you think George Washington’s self doubt would of helped the revolution effort against England? Or do you think Martin Luther King Jr. had negative vibes about desegregating races? NO. Both George and Martin, both had dreams (visions) of a desired outcome. Their belief was so strong, so real, that their attitudes led their actions to create a new country, and end segregation.

I am not saying you need to lead a revolution with your attitude, but think about your own little world that surrounds you. The world you live in day to day. The people you come across, the jobs you do, the places you go. Whenever a situation arrises in which you have the power to act on an opportunity, then is the time to “check yourself before you wreck yourself”.

Checking Yourself!

If you are going into a meeting with your boss to negotiate a raise, “check yourself”. If you are having a meeting with important people about a project you are launching, “check yourself”. If you are about to sign a client, “check yourself”. If you are about to invest in something, “check yourself”! What the check means, is asking yourself, “is this attitude right for this situation? Do I have any self-doubt? If I do, am I really just hallucinating it? How could I turn this attitude around?”

There is good reason why professional athletes listen to music before events. To get their minds right. You need to do the same. Put yourself in an empowering state before you conquer your next major event.

Listen to hype music if that makes you feel good. Listen to calm jazz tunes, if that helps you focus. Maybe you could do some push-ups before your next board meeting to get your blood flowing. Perhaps you could youtube famous speeches and get inspired for your big presentation coming up.

It is this empowering feeling, this positive attitude, that will put you in the right frame of mind. From this state, your confidence will be spewing out of your pores, your focus will be laser targeted, and your achievements will show that you definitely “checked yourself,” before you had any chance of “wrecking yourself“!

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