JacobMotivation. Do you feel it right now? Partially? Slightly? Somewhat? I bet you have good reason not to…

You’re probably a bit tired? Maybe heartbroken? Or still upset about the Jets dropping the ball? Jeremy Grey says that rule number 76 is “No excuses, play like a champion.” I dig that.

Despite your circumstances, motivation can emerge for you at any moment. I don’t care how fat your cubicle makes you feel, if Amy Winehouse started chasing you with a massive machete – you’d haul your ass the hell outta’ there. That would motivate you.

Survival motivates us. We’re hardwired for striving to stay alive. We’d throw a garbage-can at Amy Winehouse if we had to. It’s what we do. But once we’re surviving, we cling to comfort, and the paradox is, comfort can kill.

Clinging To Comfort

During my trip to Israel last week, i clang to comfort. I was on a tour group with 45 other people and about every activity from 7AM to 11PM was scheduled. Attendance was mandatory. Enjoyment was optional.

In the midst of the moment, my salubriousness slipped. I was “on vacation,” “enjoying the moment,” and “didn’t know if i’d ever have the opportunity to be back again.

I surrendered to the schedule and conformed to the crowd. I drank beer, slacked on sleep, ate like crap, and brought my body to sickness. As i played touch-tag with my worthy adversary (the sickness,) i found myself sliding on a slippery slope. I was treating my body just good enough to not get sicker, but not good enough to get completely better. It was a dangerous place to play.

I clang to comfort (crap food, drinking brews, socializing on no sleep) and ostracized optimal health (meditation, exercise, and journaling.) At some point i became conscious of this calamity. (Side note: it was before i rode the camel in the desert, but after i accidentally walked into the Muslim quarter in Jerusalem)

Stepping Forward Into Growth

As i said above “I was treating my body just good enough to not get sicker, but not good enough to get completely better.” We can apply that line of thinking, not just to sickness, but to our life as a whole.

Can you notice an area in your life where you’re exerting just enough energy to stay where you are, but not enough to be where you ideally wanna’ be?

Eating rocky road ice-cream feels good for you, but it isn’t. Similarly, comfort feels safe, but ultimately, it’ll kill you slowly. Abraham Maslow said “you will either step forward into growth, or you will step backward into safety.” In every moment, you’re life is either shrinking or expanding.

What will it take for you to put a leash on your comfort and step forward into growth? Your survival depends on it!

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