On Purpose - Creating a life you loveWell hellooo homeslice!

Here’s a little sneak peak exclusive excerpt from the book “On Purpose” that i’m creating for you.

This is one of the first things i wrote a couple of months back. Brace ya’self baby:

In my experience, it’s way better to consciously CREATE a life you love than it is to merely make the best of one that you don’t.

Successful people don’t fall victim to the “making the best” mistake. They don’t use it as a continuous copout for not living their life on purpose. It’s a useful concept but they don’t over apply it, in-turn making it a permanent crutch.

There’s something admirable in one who optimistically makes the best outta’ their situation. But at SOME point… today… tomorrow…  Martin Luther King Day… the next lunar eclipse… Jay-Z and Beyonce’s wedding anniversary… we’ve gotta’ get some perspective and step up to see what self-imposed limit we’ve set on ourselves.

One of the most powerful feelings in the world is to CREATE WHAT YOU WANT: in this case, A LIFE YOU LOVE!

I’ve found that the majority of unsuccessful people aren’t creators; they are “make-the-besters” – victims immobilized by their situations. The biggest thing stoping them from getting what they want is their story about why they can’t have it.

Gaining the momentum required to move outta’ that place of victim, and into a place of power, will require us to trust ourselves.

This TRUST IN YOURSELF will be the basis for the confidence that is going to propel you forward when you feel like falling back into bed.

We’re going to talk about how to develop the type of “Self-Knowledge” that Socrates said was the most essential element to living an optimal life.

And boy are we gonna’ need it, cuz yes, trusting yourself will FREAK people the fuck out– especially those closest to you.

They’ll give you all types of award winning reasons why what you’re doing is outrageously unacceptable. It’s nuclearly nuts. Behavior of such sorts is indicatively inherent only in an insane asylum admittee.

For trusting yourself… they’ll push you, pull you, trip you, and talk about you behind your back. But ultimately, ULIMATELY, they’ll learn to live with the new you, and if you smell good enough, they’ll even LOVE you too!


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