-=)I’m gonna’ dare to ask you the truth:


On Sensophy… here… right now.. why?

Are you on Sensophy because you’re committed to creating a more extraordinary life? Because if that’s why, i’ve got something to “break to you” and i don’t know the best way to do so… More on that in a moment.

Maybe that’s not why you’re here tho. I mean really, you don’t need to live this ever-so-elusively branded “extraordinary life.”

(What the hell does that even mean, extraordinary life?)

It could just be that you’re looking for some extraordinary entertainment from a fascinating freak-show who authentically expresses himself. I get it.

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But either way, whatever the REAL reason is that you’re here, whether for growth or for entertainment, i’m okay with it. I just want *you* to recognize the difference.

Do you come to Sensophy to see what kinda’ wild shenanigans “The Sensophizers” are up to this week? Or, do you come here because you know you’re meant to *fully express yourself* in a way that you aren’t yet doing?

If it’s the former and you’re rather content with kicking back and getting a good clean laugh, let me give you what you’ve come for:

But if you’re here because you want more from life (even though most people won’t understand what you mean by that)… here’s the heads-up:

The only one that can change your life is you.

People ask me all of the time: “What was that *one* thing that turned you from a frog to a prince? After all… You used to be such a screw-up, sometimes an obnoxious asshole, and even a downer to be around.”

And well, there’s some truth to all of that. At different points in our lives, we’ve all been in different places. It can be challenging to honestly express ourselves authentically in a healthy way.

After giving them the :::::strong stiff eye with the low furrowed brow::::: i then break into a big smile and answer…

Over and over again, i reveal that THE SINGLE MOST IMPORTANT PIECE OF KNOWLEDGE that has changed my life is…

How well do you know yourself?

That’s it. The one i swear by. You wanted me to tell what it was, well there, here it is. I used to hear people say things like “one day you’ll find yourself” and i thought that they were right.

But i don’t think you ever truly find yourself. I think life is a never ending process of continuing to discover who you currently are while juxtaposing it with who you wanna’ be in the future.

Here’s a powerful thing i’ve found out in the last year:

Happiness comes from being in integrity with your values.

The purpose of this article is to bring you a deeper sense of understanding yourself (and what you stand for.) It’ll require some introspection into who you are as a person. And that takes time. Sometimes it isn’t easy – for any of us.

But having a deeper understanding of who you are, where you wanna’ be, and what it takes to close that integrity gap (and become it) has the power to change your life in a colossally EXTRAORDINARY way.

Do you question yourself?

If you’re interested in learning more about who you are, keep reading. If you’re not truly taken back by what you’ve just read, and it hasn’t hit home from you, no hard feelings. Check back in a week and we’ll be chatting about how I’m gonna’ jump outta’ a plane in June.

Still here? Okay, I dig you. You’re a go getter. You’re here. You’re not just reading the writing – you’re walking the talking… Let’s do this. Here we go…

About a year ago, i did a dope exercise from a book called How to Think like Leonardo da Vinci by Michael Gelb.  The exercise entails spending an allotted amount of time sitting down to document on paper whatever questions come to your cranium.

*ANY* question that comes to mind – write it dizzown – whatever it is – no questions asked!  Gelb prefers participants engage in this exercise in *one* sitting – whether it takes a couple of minutes or a couple of days.  For me it took about 45 minutes… (And left me thinking for about 45 days!)

Gelb then encourages everyone to examine those 100 questions and specify which ones are their *top ten.*

Once you identify the top 10 – rank ‘em! Which ones speak to you the loudest? One to ten – label them!

Then take some time in quiet contemplation and really reflect on *question numero uno.*


You’ve just identified the most important question in your life. Think about it. It will change your life for the better if you let it.

On purpose,


PS: My most important question was “What do I want my life to look like in 50 years?!

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