A Philosopher's Notes - On optimal living, creating an authentically awesome life and other such goodnessYayuh! As i mentioned in the “suck your way to success” video, my homeboy Brian from Philosopher’s Notes hooked me up with a couple copies of his brilliant new book. Dude is a true gentleman!

Brian’s work has had a radical and profound impact on my life. It’s through his guidance that some of my most monumental moments of 2010 took place: becoming a vegetarian, meditating daily, journaling, finding my purpose, and philosophizing.

If his and my path wouldn’t have crossed, Sensophy wouldn’t exist today.

I’m super exciting to hook some Sensophizers up today. We’ve got 3 copies of “A Philosopher’s Notes – On Optimal Living” to give away.

There are 3 ways to win. You can go for ’em all!

  1. Answer this question in the comments section below: What one great thing would you dare to dream if you knew you couldn’t fail? And of course, why?
  2. Become a fan of Sensophy on Facebook or tweet about the give-away on Twitter.  Bonus points if you say/post something funny.
  3. Be creative. That’s right – i’m not gonna’ tell you the third way – you tell me! Perhaps a video, a picture, an email, some sky-writing outside my window or any other creative way of communicating you can come up with.

The more interesting it is, the better chance you’ve got. If you email me in relation to this, please address the title of the email “Sensophy Give Away.

There are only a couple of days to submit entries and I will announce the winners shortly after.

For a taste of Brian’s passion and a bit more about the book, peep this video: