A marvelous moment – – a damn good place. I feel blessed. I feel grateful. I feel soulful. I feel me. Yummmmy.

So I hope you had a chance to check out some of the pictures I sent, and I thought I’d bring you up to date a bit about some of my memorable moments that I’ve had here, but then, well then, I wrote this email. At this present point, I’ve gone through the transition. The one from WOW look how amazing Hawaii is – this scenic sunrise hike, that awesome sea turtle floating by – to the experience being everyday life here. It’s a tricky thing.

Got a minute? Let’s play a game. We can name it later. The game goes as so… I’m gonna magically teleport you to anywhere of your choice – anywhere in the world. A place that when you think of, you think of happiness.

So step one: Pick a place… maybe its Bali, maybe Fiji, how about New Zeeland, Greece, or even Hawaii. Anywhere you want – have you picked yet? Well pick! Now let’s say we take you, in your entirety, and move you to “perfect place.” Entirety entails everything: your parents, your family, your homeboys, your relationships. Entirety also entails your current job, your schedule, your habits, your rituals. Furthermore, we’re gonna take your thought patterns, your current beliefs, your morals, your passions, and your vision. Let’s remember your vices, your fears, and that little bit of anxiety that creeps in every so often. I hope you get a feel for when I say you in your entirety. Having fun yet? GOOD.

Step two: I’m gonna work my secrete supernatural powers and move you to… where was that you chose? Okayyyyy, I wouldn’t have quite picked THERE but this is your world. So, now you live in the land of your dreams and everything is all fine and dandy and day two comes along and you wake up. Time to make your way to work. I bet the day would fly by filled with thrill and elation… I bet the week would fly by in a similar manner… And probably even a month. So time goes by, la la la la la, and somewhere around 3-4 weeks you start to notice that although you have this amazing excitement about this wonderful privilege you’ve been blessed with, you still have no patience for that jerk-off turtle in the left lane who probably won their driver’s license in a lottery pool. You’re still somewhat anxious about the finalist presentation coming up next month. And you still wanna give the guy who doesn’t cover his cougher on line at the bank a bold piece of your mind. Things are starting to feel like life again, and you’re slowly settling in, seeing life with less of the culture shocking awe its first impression initially had on you, and more with the mind state your used to.

Step three: Okay, truth be told, I hadn’t thought this far ahead when I came up with the step system, buttttt, my point here is that it’s not about where you live, it’s about HOW you live. I’ve been in Hawaii for a month now and I wake up every day with eternal gratitude focusing on connectedness to source energy, and you know what – it’s still life. Life is life – pretty profound huh.

So when people asked me before I left if I was excited for Hawaii and I told them no more than I was excited about new York… they looked at me like I was speaking Hawaiian: they didn’t understand me. It was almost a rhetorical question because before they asked they unconsciously already answered yes for me. Kinda like when you ask someone who you just met how they’re doing – and they actually tell you! The nerve of these people. You know the type, instead of just saying “good”, “great”, “swell”, “fine”, “peachy”, they’re like “oh man the baby won’t stop crying and I have this RFP due next Monday and where I’m gonna find the time to get this all done is something only Jesus knows”. Oooooooo, kay.

As Confucius said “No matter where you go – there you are”. Well I’m here – and I can first handedly tell you that living in Hawaii does kick ass, and beautiful weather, beaches, and scenery is dope as fuck (technical term). But I’m still me, just, me in Hawaii – and that’s actually the best news. Because I’ve been constantly and consciously on a journey for quite some time to dive deeper inside myself, and to (as cornball as it may have once sounded to me) become my own best friend. Everyday no matter the matter, I feel rewarded for that. Having faith in myself and in the future, and then detaching myself from the outcome and focusing on the present, the process, has made all the difference for me. I guess that’s why I’m not “worried” about what I’ll be doing next year, or even in five or ten years. I’m “interested” in what my life is gonna look like in fifty years.

What will I have contributed to the world when my time has come? Who’s life will I have made more meaningful and powerfully more peaceful? How did I inspire people to live as their highest selves? And how did I let the universe most honestly speak through me? With patience, persistence, diligence, and playfulness, I’m confident that all of those answers will be fulfilled.

So I’m off to go check out what a Hawaiian BBQ looks like on Easter Sunday through the eyes of a Jewish guy from queens… I hope you are enjoying your days, and EVEN MORE SO – YOUR WAYS!