Courtesy of Wikipedia: The alias “k-os” is an acronym for “Knowledge of Self“. His music incorporates a wide variety of music genres including rap, funk, rock, and reggae. The lyrics frequently focus on promoting a “positive message” while at times expressing criticism of mainstream hip hop culture’s obsession with money, fame and glorification of violence. A musician as well as a producer, k-os has written and produced nearly every part of all four of his albums. k-os usually performs with a live band, something that is uncommon in the hip hop genre.

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Contrary to popular belief, know what yo

This is not a lovesong

It’s a sonnett

Damn if feels good to have people up on it but

I’m just a fool playing with the masters tools

Learning how to break the rules of this record company tool

Hallucination – I see with my eyes

But my heart’s telling me lies

Why do I fantisize?

Why am I telling lies to the people from the stage

Pretending it’s all good when inside it’s fire and rage

Cuz I can’t understand how a man lives off the life of another man

Tryin to pimp the universe – that’s a joke

I stay rockin the boat down on my last note

It’s murder she wrote

Assassination vocabulary

I see your termination is heavily necessary

I should have known – they do it for Forbes alone

I do it to break the walls if I fall off then let me know people

It’s funny how life can go

First you ride high then you might lay low

Don’t get high off your own supply

Someone said first before a fall comes pride

This is my message to the world

Just tryin to reach every boy and girl

Not tryin to say if it’s right or wrong

This is just a love song

Lyrical optometrists with 20/20 vision

Are serving rhymes like my granny used to serve provisions

Chaotical amneotical fluid

The rap druid is fluent in the art of onomatopoeia

Metaphysical microscopic topic dropper

When I was a kid I wanted rollerskates and a bike chopper

But alas, pop, pop never thought to keep me in style

Thats why I’m schizophrenic now

So God bless the child that has his own

The harvest we reap is what we sow

Chrome microphone – shoot it

Towards a dome of computer digital clones that mimic philosopher stones

Sayin a style’s their own when they bite like Mike Furounsville

The sounds ill

Relationship is a mirror

That you see yourself up in and the picture is clearer

Thats why I’m on the scene with a mike like Ernesto Guevara

Why I may exploit with lights like Geraldo Rivera, they just.

It’s easy not to care what people say

It’s harder to pretend and try

Cuz they can only love you from yesterday

I’m looking at them now they pose high

I’m just a man who’s walking

They stand around and keep talking

They tried to clip my wings

But wisdom fills so many things

Say it again

I’m just a man who’s walking

They stand around and keep talking

They tried to clip my wings

But wisdom fills so many things

It’s funny how life can go

Dont get high off your own supply

This is my message to the world…