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Living On Purpose will help you:


1.) Get Started Living A Life You Love: There are some basic but specific steps you’ll need to take to find your purpose and create an extraordinary life. Living On Purpose will guide you through those steps by helping you recognize that something better is calling, and that it’s okay for you to walk away from the rat race (because of your one hidden need). (Click for a sample of Section One.)



2.) Overcome Fear & Become Courageous: You’re gonna learn how to have the type of security that lasts forever – even if on occasion you still get scared. (That’s on page 28.) You’re gonna know 3 ways to handle fear and how to cure worry when it pops up. I’m gonna show you how to have more control over your life, and once you have that, the options are endless. (Click for a sample of Section Two.)



3.) Find Yourself & What You Really Want To Do: Living On Purpose is gonna walk you through “finding yourself” and explain what that really means. You’re gonna have an exceptional understanding of who you, who you wanna become, and how to become it. You’ll also know the number one type of motivator, as well as which one you definitely wanna stay away from. (That’s on page 56.) (Click for a sample of Section Three.)



4.) Understand How Happiness Works & Become Happier: You’re finally gonna be able to create a life of lasting and sustainable happiness because I’m gonna show you exactly how happiness works. (That’s on page 68.) You’ll also learn what the 12 habits of happy people are and how to apply them. (Click for a sample of Section Four.)



5.) Discover Your Genius & Be More Passionate: I know it sounds a little cliché, but we all have a unique genius – an inherent gift in us that no one else has. I’m gonna help you discover it and figure out how to use it to create a life that you love – one where you wake up in the morning like, “Hellllllllll Yeeeeeeeeeah!!!!!” (That’s on page 93.) (Click for a sample of Section Five.)



6.) Avoid The Trap Of Validation: You’re gonna learn a fail-proof method for avoiding the trap of validation. (That’s on page 116.) If you follow the steps in Living On Purpose, you’ll stop seeking approval and be confident in handling non-believers when they question you. (Click for a sample of Section Six.)




7.) Find & Live Your Purpose In Life: You’re gonna create an extraordinary life because you’ll have found and be living your purpose in life. You’ll be embodying the fundamental, counterintuitive, timeless truths that it takes to live an exciting, meaningful, and personally successful life. (Click for a sample of Section Seven.)



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What you get:


1.) The “Living On Purpose” guide. Over 150 pages with specific steps to help you find, live, and rock your life’s purpose. (PDF Format – Click to see the Table of Contents.)



2.) 35+ “Finding Your Purpose” exercises.
These are purposefully positioned in the guide to elicit the most important information that you’ll need to Live On Purpose.



3.) The *Audio Version* of Living On Purpose. I know that time is tight. Listen to the guide on the way to work or while you’re working out. I personally speak to you with explosive and infectious enthusiasm in the recordings. This is a sure motivator. (MP3 Format)



4.) 60-Day No-Risk *100% Money-Back Guarantee*. No questions asked – if you’re not waking up excited in the mornings within 60 days, just let me know and I’ll give you a full refund. No excuses needed – it’s yours.




5.) The *Video Version* of Living On Purpose. If you like movies more than reading, then this is for you! Here’s the entire guide (plus extra bonus information) in video format. It’s 3 hours of me sharing this wisdom with you, broken down into 45 short videos. It’s inspiring, motivating, empowering, and outright hilarious!



And as a BONUS:


10 *Video Interviews with People On Purpose.* Learn from the experts. Listen to how 10 of the most On Purpose people around can help you Live On Purpose. You’ll have access to a few hours of video interviews with experts speaking about how they found their purpose and how you can do the same.


Brian Johnson, Pilar Gerasimo, Scott Dinsmore, Jonathan Fields, Pam Slim, Jenny Blake, Jonathan Mead, Maren Kate, Mars Dorian, Tyler Tervooren


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