I recently spent some time redesigning my office while rocking out to Rakim

A couple of months prior, i set up my computer in the living-room to tap into some of the creative energy contained in that area of my cribo.

The interesting issue with this situation was subtle: when work time was over, it was challenging getting out of “hyper work-mode” and into “relaxed living-room mode”.

It was time to move my desk back to “my office” so my house would have two separate styles of energy: one for work and one for relaxation.

I decided to give my office a face lift beforehand because having an inspiring space conducive to creating great work is a must for me.

It took a bit more time than i initially budgeted but i enjoyed the process, and am super stoked about the results.

Finding Pleasure In The Process

There are no brownie points for spelling mistakes. But i will ask you this…

What does your inspiring creative space look like? If you send in a picture, i’ll post it up below this article.