The Thank You ProjectLast week was one hell of a rollercoaster ride… I’m telling ya, 6 flags has got nothing on me! And on the bounce back from this tummy turning, upside down, inside out wildness, I started to reflect.

It was somewhere between the day I got my heart ripped out and the day I went to Hooters for lunch with my mom. My introspection muscle was fully flexed:

Why did I decide to start Sensophy in the first place?
What was I so inspired by that made me dedicate 1000s of hours to it?
What do I know for sure in life?

Whoa! Deep shit and well, there’s a plethora of powerful answers to all these questions. More than anything though, I suspect that it all stems back to one philosophy that I’ve followed for a long, long, time.

Your outer world is a reflection of your inner world.

Self-Mastery — I swear by it — it’s what I aspire towards.

When my life starts taking wild turns and unpleasant experiences engulf my enthusiastic attitude, I take a turn inward. I question what’s really going on inside that’s causing my outside circumstances.

This time, I noticed that I had been a bit too busy creating content about living an extraordinary life, and not actually engaging in the fundamentals of one! Oops. 3 games of basketball and a clear mind later, I felt a calling to take it back to the basics.

Expressing gratitude…

It’s happiness habit number 1!

When I left my job and went to Hawaii last year, I decided I would write “thank you” letters to tons of people. Plenty of people got ’em… Old colleagues, my therapist, my mom, pops, extended family members and more. It was a magnificent way to start each day.

Well, over a year later, I’m re-initiating the “Thank You Project!” This is something that I’d be doing with or without Sensophy, but since I’m in a position to share myself, you’re invited to join me in this adventure.

Here’s “the scoop”

  • Send one “Thank You” email per day to someone.
  • You can send the email to anyone you want.
  • Thank them for a specific event — no matter how big or small.
  • The email has to be under 5 sentences.
  • Don’t write it with an incentive for any reciprocation.
  • This can’t take more than 10 minutes per day.
  • The project lasts 14 days!
  • And for bonus points, include how what they did for you also helped someone else. (Example: Thank you for your compassionate support when I felt like shit last week. It made a big difference in my attitude and because of you, later that day, I felt good enough to help my girlfriend get through a tough situation.)

This project starts today!

If you’re on Twitter, I’m going to tweet every day after I send out my email. I’ll use the hash tag #TYP11 (for Thank You Project 2011.) I invite you to join me in this!

If you’re on Facebook, feel free to keep me posted on the progress of your daily emails on the Sensophy fan page.

Here’s to doing the work required to become the kick-ass extraordinary people inherent in our nature…

On purpose,

PS: I’d love this project to impact as many people as possible. I’d give you a HUGE hug if you can share it with your peoples!! Thanks in advance.

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