What is the perfect lifestyle?  Today’s Quality Question comes from the regal Ritz Carlton in Palm Beach Florida.  It’s a damn dazzling DOPE day down here, AND, it also happens to be baby Dahlia’s first bday!

Uncle Jacob has been doing some seriously playful journaling since I got off of the call with the Optimal-Living-101 private embodiment group – 11 pages in a 20 hour period.  Major flavor… That brings us to one of the coolest Quality Questions that I’ve been reflecting on:

If you could design your perfect lifestyle… what would it look like?

Well, there are a variety of variations that are possible to play with… like:

  • If you could design your perfect DAY… what would it look like?
  • If you could design your perfect YEAR… what would it look like?
  • If you could design your perfect LIFE… what would it look like?

Perfect day… year… life..?  Sounds like answering those questions would lead us to figuring out what our own personal perfect lifestyle would be.

I think that the luxury of exploring what kind of lifestyle to live is often overlooked. In the big apple that spawned me, most people don’t think about how they can make enough money to enjoyably live the lifestyle they want.  Rather, the collective unconscious yet very common belief is that having and making money is what will bring enjoyment into our lives.

Last summer I took a 5 week faithful sabbatical from my IT consulting job.  I decided to strap a back pack on and play hopscotch around 11 European cities.  Ironically, staying in cheap hostels revealed itself to me as the ultimate luxurious lifestyle.  Sure, some places didn’t have a clean feel, or a timely staff, but what that trip did offer me was an introduction to a lifestyle of FREEDOM!

But wait, FREEDOM…? to what…?

  • Freedom to the unknown.
  • Freedom to express myself honestly.
  • Freedom to know myself.

I was SHOCKED – It seemed as if though most people in Europe worked to live, unlike in New York City, where SOME people (eh hem), lived to work.  Now, don’t mistake me; I do feel that if you work with your passion and you are able to give your greatest strengths to the world through your work – keep rockin’ homey.

The distinction to make is this:  are you working solely to make money which you think will bring you lasting happiness, OR, does your work itself bring you happiness, with the cash bonus of paying the bills (and the Palm Beach vacation)? Well then, we might ask ourselves what will bring us that ever seeming so elusive yet ecstatic happiness.  Back to today question…

If you’re already picturing that passionately perfect lifestyle of yours, you’re ahead of the game.  You can skip to the comment forum below and let us know what it is for you.

If you’re looking for some direction in answering today’s Quality Question, I say start with the basics.  Think of 5 things. 5 things that would make ya happy.  5 things that if you did EVERYDAY, would rock.

Then think about 5 more things.  This time think about 5 things that if you did in a YEAR, would be meaningful to you.

And lastly.  Think about 5 things that if you did in your lifetime, would bring you a divine fulfillment.

So again, I encourage you to ask yourself:  If I could design my perfect lifestyle… what would it look like?

(and answer below)

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