What will my funeral look like?

WHOA-HOE-HOEEE!  What kinda chaotically crazed question is THAT?? Do I dare say a quality one??

Well according to Steven Covey, author of the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, IT IS!

Covey’s habit number 2 (of highly effective people) is exactly this: BEGIN WITH THE END IN MIND! Talk about hitting the nail on the head of the coffin with that question.

Covey says that all things are created twice; once in our mind (the mental), and then once in the physical. Really empowering idea. When we create an outcome in our head (death being the ULTIMATE outcome), we are signaling to our subconscious mind to bring that result toward us.  This exercise therefore can be a bit counterintuitive, right?

Well, you might say – if visualizing something brings it closer to me, why would I want to daydream about dying?  And, I might say – because death is the ONLY thing in our lives that’s inevitable.  It is the one thing that is absolutely promised.  YOU WILL DIE!! Get it? Once we start we start to internalize the mindset that our time here on earth is limited, we are free to fully LIVE now, in this moment!

So if you’re still understandably reluctant and repulsed by the thought of dying anytime soon, you can visualize your funeral being when you turn 150 years old.  You can picture people talking about how you always took such great care of yourself (you never even had that old person smell), and how you were such a salubrious sonuhva-bitch.

If you wanna see your funeral powerfully packed with passionate people whose lives you’ve made more meaningful and fun – you guessed it: INVISION THAT!  Then, take a small step: think about how you can START TODAY bringing more meaning into just one person’s life, and having fun doing it.

SO – dun dun dunnn….. Imagine that the biggest of big days is upon you – your funeral. Picture all of your fam, your friends, and people who you’ve come into contact with in your life…

They are reading your funeral’s program – what does it say?

They are all talking about you – what are they remembering?

Your kids are at the podium giving a speech – what have you passed on to your kids?

What impact – whether tall, small, massive or minute – have you made in these people’s lives?

When we imagine what we want our impact to be (on the planet, the people of, or the plants in) – we further develop and deepen our understanding of why we are here in the first place.

So tell us – what was it that you wanted your funeral to look like?

(and share below!)

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