We’re living in an unprecedented time. A time where the barriers to the world’s most exclusive, reserved, and valuable information have imploded. A time where an internet connection and POS laptop grants you *free* access to a Harvard education. A time where you can easily and instantly learn about the most innovate, impactful, and creative ideas in the world.

With no shortage of wisdom, biz-strategies, and life-advice, why aren’t we all already living the lives of our dreams? Does the problem lie in our inability to find the right balance between knowledge acquisition and actual implementation? At first glance, we’d think so, but let’s look deeper at the nature of epiphanies.

Epiphanies can be life-altering, but in reality, most are short-lived and fade away within days or weeks. With this realization in mind, the real question then becomes…

How can we effectively translate epiphanies into lasting change?

In one of my all-time favorite interviews, that’s the exact question I asked moral psychologist Jonathan Haidt for our upcoming WTF Should I Do w/ My Life?! virtual conference. (You signed up yet?! If not, now’s a great time to join!)

What Jonathan shared was shocking (slightly paraphrasing)…

{allert}Epiphanies are thrilling but they’re cheap. They fade away. And then months later, nothing ever happens.

Here’s a HUGE insight: unless you change your *environment* or your *relationships*, change will not last. I’m going to say that again…

Unless you change your *environment* or your *relationships*, change will not last.

This is why community is SO important. In order to utilize the information you’re learning, you need to make changes in your life that will allow you to sustain whatever insights you have.

If you want to change yourself, change your peer group. Stop hanging out with the knuckleheads and losers, and start hanging out with people you admire. Hang out with people who make you energized, not people who take energy away from you. Be aware of what the values are of the people you’re hanging around with.{/allert}

I’m like you – a student of life. I dig, I seek, I search, I study, I ponder, and I experiment. But when I heard Jon share this information, I knew I needed to finesse a way to implement it BIG time.

Translating this epiphany (personally)…

I’ve created a bad-ass business. It’s called Sensophy.

I love that Sensophy serves as a vehicle for me to live autonomously and study the things I’m most passionate about.

In a nutshell, here at Sensophy we give people permission to live life autonomously as we share our stories and demonstrate that it’s possible. We show them how to tap into an incredibly authentic side of themselves – then take action and connect with peeps from *that* core place.

Of course, it’s completely normal that our clients face fear and challenges, so we support them in moving through those with an array of methodologies, tools, and tricks for navigating sneaky universal challenges. Ultimately, we reshape people’s realities to be more ideal, purposeful, and exciting. (Interested in working with me? You can apply here!)

That. Shit. Is. Awesome!

And one of the things I’m most excited about this year is increasing the impact and income of the Sensophy business. So, to take the homeboy JH’s above wisdom to heart, I’ve decided that I want to spend more time with successful entrepreneurs. And one of the best ways I can think of doing that is by globe-trotting for the remainder of 2013 while linking up with fun, ambitious, interesting, and warm-hearted entrepreneurs so we can support each other in making our ideals real.

We’ll be launching an array of projects over the next 8 months to help you cultivate the characteristics you’ll need to create your ideal life. :o)

If you’re an entrepreneur and open to having me come and visit you, hit me up. And if you know of any other cool peeps you think I should link up with, let me know that also.

“But don’t you live in NYC, Jacob?”

Great point. I do. And in fact, my current roommate is moving out at the end of this month. Renting my apartment out in the past has always been pretty straight fwd and easy. It’s a fantastic deal for a sweet bachelor pad.

But I’m thinking I’d like to find someone who inspires me. And instead of only going the CraigsList route, I’m opening up the opportunity to my social network (and their social network’s social network). If you’re fun, ambitious, interesting, warm-hearted, clean, considerate, cat-friendly, excited about life and interested in living with me in NYC, hit me up for details. The room is available at the end of this month (starting May 2013).

What’s *your* game plan?

So, that’s my game plan for translating this epiphany into a lasting change. What’s yours? How can you change your environment and relationships to reflect the life that you want to live? Drop a comment below and let us know!

(PS: By far, one of the best new relationships you can create is with a life coach!)

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