Eric SchmidtTrue confession: I’ve got bed head right now. It’s 5:30 PM on Saturday and i just woke up from a nap by thrusting forward into a 90 degree angle, like….

AH-HA! I’ve got it…

I’ll explain why i love my job so much.

You see, earlier i was sittin’ sippin’ on some Martinelli’s sparklingly apple cider when suddenly i exclaimed “SHIT-BASKETS!”… i don’t have a blog post ready for Monday yet! Well…

We’ve all heard how incredibly inspiring and chillaxed the culture over at google is. So i thought heyyy, how about sharing the kind of culture conducive to me cracking out top-notch killer content.

Take that Eric Schmidt! #Karate-chop!

So here you have it. The top 10 reasons why I’d rather be writing for you on Sensophy than beasting players in ping-pong at the Googleplex in California…


Description: Consciously engaging in never-ending improvement.

I love to learn. You can catch me cuddling with a good book in bed or out trying outrageously counter-intuitive ideas. Forget the theoretic knowledge you take into your mind; it’s how you integrate that material into your life that will really change it!

On Sensophy, i talk about the thing’s i’m most passionate about and create value surrounding the stuff that stimulates my sensations! Being on purpose, taking action with wisdom, developing the courage to crack your comfort zone… Those are all essential elements to growth. (And living an extraordinary life!)


Honestly Expressing Yourself

Description: Being in a position to speak your soul freely.

I don’t need to pick up the phone like:

“Oh hello, Jenny, how do you do today? Was the weekend fine and dandy? Oh gee golly good!”

HELLS NO! I get to say shit like WHADDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDUP YOO!!! I get to honestly express myself, my feelings, my dreams, and it’s cool.

This kinda’ raw expression of who i actually am is why i shoot videos in showers 1/2 way across the world and hang out with rock star celebrities (Okay. Glorified that last point a bit.)

Really tho… How well do you feel like you know me? And more than likely we’ve never even met each other yet. Before i started Sensophy i asked myself “what can i be the best in the world at?” Drum-roll please………………

Authentically being me! And as a result comes…

Kick Ass Connections

Description: Connecting with bad-ass bodacious buddies who are passionate about the same peculiar stuff that excites you.

Last week alone i met up with 4 different people who contacted me for the first time through Sensophy. Connecting with kick-ass homeys who are authentically interested in not just you, but what you’re excited about, WOW… It’s like a tornado of wind working its way into the center of your solar plexus.

Inspiration. The word itself means to breathe into… When someone is inspired, they have fresh air brought into them. I left each one of the interactions like i was doing lunges with iron lungs!

Work and Play Are One

Description: Doing what excites you… Full Time!

My life IS my work and i’m having an exuberant experience playing with ways to optimize it. Let me just lean on the brilliance of my homeboy Abraham Maslow here:

“Duty cannot be contrasted with pleasure nor work with play when duty is pleasure, when work is play, and people doing their duty are simultaneously seeking pleasure and being happy.”

Ouuu… Ouu… One more from Wilfred Peterson please:

“The person who is a master in the art of living makes little distinction between his work and his play, his labor and his leisure, his mind and his body, his education and his recreation, his love and his religion. He hardly knows which is which. He simply pursues his vision of excellence at whatever he does, leaving others to decide whether he is working or playing. To him he is always doing both.”

Work And Play Are One!


Description: Seeing the meaningful effect that your work has on people’s futures.

One of the most powerful paradigm changes i’ve ever had is to stop chasing money. I could write a whole book on that shift but in a few words it divides down to this denominator…

It’s been scientifically proven that material assets bring about only 10% of our happiness… So why do we spend 75% of our time chasing them?!

Survival you say? Maybe, but that’s really a pile of crap Carlton Banks because despite what most people say, they don’t work to survive. They work to fit in and keep up with the Kardashians.

Anyway, when you don’t work primarily for money, what in Wayne’s World would you work for? YES. IMPACT!

I don’t see what i do as a job or even as a career… this puppy right here is my CALLING! (and yes, it’s off the hook!!)

Living On Purpose

Description: Living an intrinsically inspiring life in service to something greater than yourself.

And writing a book about exactly how to do it! 2 years ago i thought it’d be cool to write a book……… when i turned 50! Well why wait for the mid-life crisis, i’m tackling this topic after narrowly escaping from my quarter-life crisis.

I don’t know if i’ve ever felt as on purpose as writing a book, on purpose. In retrospect, maybe when i decided i was gonna’ move on from my job and i spent 6 months figuring out how to do it.

But really, it took me over 5 years of actively searching to figure out what my purpose was. That doesn’t include the lack of meaning my life had all the years before.

I’ll give you one of THE MOST VALUABLE TIPS i that i ever discovered throughout the whole pursuit of finding and living my purpose:


Then play with what your passions are, what your strengths are, and how you can combine those in service to something greater than yourself… like the world!

Nap Time and Cat Time

Description: The best time of the day!

Naps….. ahhhhhhh! In my humble opinion (and Ben Franklin’s too,) naps are the coolest thing around since the other side of the pillow yo. It’s like a fresh start to the day, all, over, again!

Living a lifestyle that isn’t based on the amount of hours you put in at work, but rather the results that you get, enables you to do what you want, when you want!

So yeah, i abuse my bed and adore my cuddling cartel in the process. It’s the life!

Cat Time / Nap Time!

Being a Creator

Description: Choosing what you want and then making it happen!

It could be your company, a project, or your life; there’s a big difference between creating something and running something.

Everyday i get to create… and i can’t think of consciously creating anything cooler than… YOUR LIFE!

Although i’ve spent over a decade with a spray can cemented to my hand, i’ve never considered myself a “creative” person. And mostly, i think it’s because it’s taboo to consider yourself creative unless you have a MacBook Pro and work outta’ a loft in Williamsburg Brooklyn.

My creative process is simple. Momentarily remove limitations from your mind, dream big bright bodacious ideas, commit to figuring out how to make them happen, and then just do it!

Getting Paid To Do What You Love

Description: When doing what you love is valuable to other people.

Although i intentionally haven’t brought a single cent in from Sensophy yet, when i started it, it was with the intention to get paid to do what i love to do. How did i plan to do that? Hmmmmm, well…

  • Mix my passions (loving life, doing cool shit, diggin’ deeper into other aspects of existence like psychology, philosophy, etc…)
  • with my strengths (writing, learning, being me, technology)
  • and creating massive value for the world (giving guidance to people by helping them overcome some of the same challenges that i did.)
  • Add on top a little bit of what scared the shit outta’ me (being in front of a video camera and speaking publicly!)

After purposely waiting 10 months, this week we’re in the process of incorporating Sensophy!

Can i get a hell-yeah hallelujah holla’ back little buddy baby bro!!! A brother’s gotta’ eat too but don’t worry… We won’t get all spammy on you and you definitely won’t start seeing ads in the sidebar to increase your sexual stamina! (If interested, private message me for more on that sexiness.)

Being Committed to Making It Work

Description: Living your long term vision.

Bad day? Tough break? It’s okay Jose… This is me committing myself to making this work no matter how long it takes. (And at the same time knowing i need to circulate value through my life in order to keep the electricity illuminating.)

When i first started Sensophy, it was with the mindset of where i wanted my life to be in FIFTY years. This is all so premature that it’s border line bad luck to even announce anything. It’s freaky to even think about where we’ll be in 10 years…

And What About You?

What are the qualities essential to your ultimate dream job? You’ve read this far… you might as well get out a piece of paper and learn something about yourself!

Seriously. I’m not kidding. You can read all the Sensophy articles in the blog-o-sphere but until you DO SOMETHING like identify what your ideal situation looks like, it’s at best bupkis!

It was Krylon’s birthday yesterday. (My cat.) Do it for him. Take out a piece of paper and jot down the 5 most essential qualities to the job you want.

Until it’s time to move on to your next job, see how you can implement some of the qualities in your current job. I promise you that knowing EXACTLY what you want from life is the first step to getting a life that you want!!