That’s right. This actually happened. Tim Ferriss’ philosophy took me to a Jets game with Gary Vaynerchuk. This page will tell you all you never needed to know about how it happened. Each summary below links to a fully documented description.

Gary Vee tweets Jacob Sokol

Gary Vee tweets Jacob Sokol

The Philosophy

Why It’s Realistic To Be Unrealistic

Tim Ferris says 99% of people are convinced that they can’t achieve extraordinary things in life. That makes gigantic goals surprisingly accessible for the 1% who think they can. When you dare to dream big, it’s like taking a spiritual syringe and giving yourself a strong shot of enthusiasm laced with adrenaline, right in your forehead!

The Challenge

I’ve Been Challenged to Find Gary Vee… I Accept!

A certain Sensophizer was super inspired by the idea. So much so, that he “challenged” me to embody it and take Gary Vee to a Jets game before he owns the team. I intentionally misplaced my mind and decided to accept.

The Realization

Crap. What Did I Get Myself Into?!

I had a confession. When I accepted this half-courageous, half-crack-headed challenge, I had no freaking idea how big of a deal Gary Vaynerchuk really was. If nothing else comes from this, at least I know I’m the living embodiment of my values and demonstrating what I stand for. Talk is cheap but walk is steep.

The Heart

My Method for Spilling Guts to Gary Vaynerchuk!

Before it was time to take it to the tweets, I dived to the drawing boards to devise a game-plan. Gary happens to be one fine piece of meat. Unfortunately for him, I’m a vegetarian. Building the body of my email to him will be fun because I’m basing it on our similarities.

The Patience

Overcoming The Post Honeymoon Hump

Although the purpose of this challenge is to exemplify to the world that you can follow your heart and live your dream, I don’t want to mislead people and pretend everything’s all shih-tzus and smiley faces. Is sitting next to sir Gary Vaynerchuk at a Jets game really worth me letting my life enter a state of organized confusion?

The Verdict

I’m Going To A Jets Game With Gary Vaynerchuk!!!

A world of words couldn’t possibly describe the deep physiological reaction I felt after reading Gary’s reply to me. I spent the next 30 minutes in celebration doing 90 on the highway screaming sounds I haven’t made since I was a sophomore in high school. I forgot how creative I can be sometimes.

The Lessons

7 Gutsy Guidelines To Grabbing Your Heart’s Holdings

I composed a memoir mentioning my most valuable lessons learned while following my heart on the hero’s journey. When I decide to take Tim Ferriss to a tango dance, this will be my guide for doing so.

The Game

Jets Game Day: Huddles and Shugs

Welcome to one of the biggest days of my life. Not just because I’m hanging out with a handsome hunk like Gary Vee, but mainly because I willed it to be that way. I took an outrageous idea and turned it into my life.

Here’s Where You Come In…

I took on this challenge to demonstrate to the world that achieving your dreams is possible. If the world doesn’t know about what went on here then they won’t be inspired by it!

It would mean the world to me if you could share this story with someone: your grandma, your shrink, or preferably, your favorite social network. You can do so below.

If you have any questions about this or just wanna chat, let’s make that happen!