Everyone's A Winner!

How cliché does that sound?! Here’s the scoop homeys: when i first posted the free give away, i was thrilled thinking about being able to hook some Sensophizers up. It’s ridiculously rewarding to be building a community around the stuff that i’m most passionate about – i can’t possibly appreciate you guys enough!

But then something strange happened that i hadn’t anticipated. The realization arose that while i’m fortunate enough to be able to pick three people, there were a lot of other people who didn’t win. I mean, these are people (and friends) who shared some of their deepest dreams with me – i don’t feel comfortable saying they’re answers aren’t as good as others.

So here’s the scoop. I picked three people who for whatever reason, when i saw their entry, i had the biggest emotional response. And they are…

Gunja Bose submitted the image above as well as this:

Gunja Bose

Eric LaForest submitted this, as well as the following image:

Eric LaForest

Eric LaForest's Guns!

Aaron Nichols submitted this:

Aaron Nichols

How Everyone Wins:

Here you have it: everyone who left a comment on the free give away post will get a free copy of my book when it comes out!

The book won’t be out for a couple months, but when it’s released, there’s a copy waiting for everyone who left a comment. My plan with the book is to over-deliver hardcore and create something that will impact your life immensely. I’m philosophizing around ways to create $1000 worth of value in it. More to come on that in the future weeks… Until then, enjoy Sensophy. It’s one big freebie!