“When a person really desires something, all the universe conspires to help that person to realize his dream.”
The Alchemist

Jets Stadium

So far we’ve eloquently established the following fun facts:

  • the Who: rock-star entrepreneurial genius Gary Vaynerchuk
  • the What: go to a New York Jets game with him
  • the Why: exemplify to the world it’s possible to achieve the “unrealistic”

But before we put our Scooby Doo slippers on to get cozy and cuddly with Where and When, i’m hittin’ up my homeboy.

His first name’s “How“, last name’s “The Hell Am I Gonna’ Do This“.

The Game Plan Playa’

Before it was time to take it to the tweets, i dove to the drawing boards to devise a game-plan. I threw it back to the basics and headed out to Central Park in NYC for a serene sitting of soul searching. It was time to reread Crush It and get juicy with the journaling.

This go-around though, i was on the watch for one particular thing: commonalities. Back when i studied how attraction works with women, one of the things i learned was that commonalities can build attraction.

Gary happens to be one fine piece of meat. Unfortunately for him, i’m a vegetarian.  Building the body of my email to him will be fun because i’m basing it on our similarities.

And, as it turns out, Gary and I actually do have quite a lot in common.

Gary and Jacob's Characteristics

Big Belly Breaths Baby

Since some of my moves were mapped out, it was time to start signaling for my soul to consciously come into play.

An exchange of big belly breaths with the universe was next. I spent some time in deep meditation affirming this exact mantra to my mind (every 4 seconds, if you must know): “I am exemplifying to the world, how to achieve the unrealistic.”

Apparently you don’t need to be screaming in the shower for this process of training your psyche to have a positive effect. Now the email was ready to be written.

Tears of Truth

I choose email as my primary means of communicating with Gary because i feel that i articulate myself best through the process of writing and rewriting.

The next morning after i rocked my fundamentals first thing, i began to write the email. To set the mood of the sitting, i threw one of my favorite tracks on: Talib Kweli – Get By.  Then suddenly something seriously strange happened (say that seven times sideways).

I got so into the music that i started lunging around my living room, sobbing like a lil’ girl, streaming tears of truth and growth.  I’ve done some crazy crap in my life, but never something so meaningful yet simultaneously so totally farfetched like this. Although my rational mind may have been missing, this was a serious sign my soul was working with me.

Hours Later

My Bad Ass Amiga

I had come close to completely crafting my confession to Gary when major magic revealed itself to me. My bad ass amiga Electra, with precision timing, pointed me to one of Gary’s Keynote speeches.

In the talk, he speaks on why it’s crucial to “give a fuck” about the consumer… that’s me!

I wonder if Gary actually does give a fuck about me. We’re gonna’ find out.

Gary: Do You Give A Fuck?

Jacob Sokol's email to Gary Vayneychuk

How *YOU* Can Help!

I took on this challenge to demonstrate to the world that achieving your dreams is possible. I feel like i’ve really got some momentum moving in the right direction now.

The only catch is, if i do make it to a Jets game with Gary, or even “just” to his office to shoot a video, people won’t be inspired if they don’t know about what’s going on over here.

It would mean the world to me if you could share this story with someone: your grandma’, your shrink, or preferably, your favorite social network. Let’s let it be known and get the word to the world!

This is one way you can give the gift of growth to Sensophy, and the world as well.

A thunderous THANK YOU in advance!

Bonus: Gary Vee’s Keynote Speech



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