Welcome to one of the biggest days of my life. Not just because i’m about to hang out with a handsome hunk like Gary Vee, but mainly because i willed it to be that way. I took an outrageous idea, and turned it into my life.

It seemed impossible. It appeared to most improbable. An elusive ideology. An obscure conceptualization.

Forget the fancy jargon. The fact of the matter was at that very moment, i was walking off of a NJ transit train, taking out my iPhone, and emailing Gary Vaynerchuk: “I’M HERE!

Welcome to game day…

My way of saying “Thank You”

I Give A Fuck!

And that I too “Give A Fuck!”

Thank You!

Bonus: Behind The Screens

Check out the fan who ran 80 yards down-field to get ground and pounded. The stadium erupted! (There’s also a surprise play afterwards.)