It's Too Unrealistic...

Realism can suck it. My whole life I’ve heard it:

“You’ve gotta be realistic.”

“Realistically though, think about it.”

“That’s just not realistic.”

Well really, you can just kiss my ass.

I can’t front though. People who think those thoughts are right; it’s just that they’re right for them, not for me. So where do I get the balls to think I’m special and that the rules of realism don’t apply to me? I got ’em in a jar, from Costco. (Email me for the reference)

Na’, in all seriousness, I got them from Einstein. Allow me to break down my super scientific formula. Albert once said to me,

“Reality is merely an illusion, although a very persistent one.”

I trust that man. I think he may understand a couple of things. Well if reality is subjective, so is being realistic. When you change your mind, you change your life. With a change of paradigm comes a new world of possibility.

You know what really farts in my elevator? It’s when people talk this realism bullshit when it comes to having a better life. Like living a passionate, purposeful, inspired and empowered life is something that’s just toooooo far outta the norm.

Working 60 hours a week: that’s okay. Loving what you do: not so much.

I Am Unreal

Okay Sokol.

We like what you talk about, now let’s see you walk it out. No doubt. No doubt.

When I think of being unrealistic, I think of me being alive. Looking back at the chain of events that had to snap into place for me to even be here, writing this right now, is unfathomable. I mean, thinking about how I’m the descendent of someone who was alive 4,000 years ago — freaky.

Knowing that if my 4,000 year old grandpa didn’t put the moves on my 4,000 year old grandma, Jacob Sokol wouldn’t exist as you know him — bonkers! Imagining the endlessly serendipitous stream of events that had to have flowed each and every day since then for you to be reading my writing right now — UNREAL!

But we don’t need to flash back many millenniums ago to get a sense of unreal. How about driving a car? Sitting on metal that moves you 65mph next to a bunch of other maniacs who are all doing the same thing — realistic?

Whether it’s flying in an airplane, a man landing on the moon, or even what you’re doing right now, surfing the internet. All of those things inspire me to know I can make something more of my life, and so can you.

I wholeheartedly believe that if you want something enough, and you study what works to get it, and you fully engage in becoming one with that process, it’s yours!

Breaking Through

The biggest part of breaking through the unrealistic mindset is…

…noticing it when it comes up. When I was challenged to exemplify what I was writing about and go to a Jets game with Gary Vaynerchuk, I sat at my computer screen thinking of ways to politely say “get real” without looking like a punk.

ME. The guy who a week prior wrote the article on how it’s realistic to be unrealistic, was saying “get real dude.”

Moving outta the mindset that things are hard and unrealistic takes consistent and conscious conditioning. Being able to step in between the situation and your response to it is so key. So crucial. So empowering. Such the difference maker.

Seth Godin recently told me:

“Unreasonable is the new reasonable.”

For my own personal ultimate guide to achieving the unrealistic, the one that successfully worked for me, check out 7 Gutsy Guidelines to Grabbing Your Heart’s Holdings. Now walk it out…

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