I know your normal mode of operation is to soak in some Sensophy with aspirations of accelerating toward embodying an extraordinary life. And yes, i get it, respect it, and don’t mean to neglect it.

But today I’m gonna take you inside what the actual weekend of an extraordinary life looks like… This isn’t some far off philosophical theory that great gods of ancient Egypt once proclaimed. NO. This is real shit! See it, smell it, and take a giant wet step in it. It’s the diary of a madman gone sane. It’s a direct look into the life of Jacob Alan Sokol. Proceed with caution poor soul.

And so it begins…

Wednesday morning I picked-up my packed-up duffel bag and bounced my sack over to the airport. There’s something i really enjoy about a long day of turbulent travel. Upon reflection, it seems very “on purpose” to me as i know exactly why I’m there. There’s nothing more than me and the moment. It’s a meditative presence, as if I’m suspended still, frozen in time. Plus what better way to contrast my Zen-like moments with a few of my favorite travel indulgences.


  • is a good excuse to eat bad food.
  • is a dope time to dive deep into a bad-ass book (Do You by Russell Simmons)
  • is perfect for nonchalant conversing with delicious smelling ladies.
  • includes an instant swagger increase including extra confidence that comes complementary of knowing i can handle the wild unknown.
  • in this instance, comes with free first class flights!!

JFK Airport in NYC. First-class seats!

Wednesday night, the flight landed, i checked into my hostel, and went out to grab me a brewski (beer!) for only $2.50 (holy shit!) Take that Manhattan! Life on the road was about to begin. I like you already Portland.

I woke up Thursday morning on the top shelf of a dimly-lit hostel-basement bunk-bed. POW! Here i am. Time to live it.

Between me and you,

I had been a bit stressed out at home. I had picked up some patterns of thoughts that i wasn’t particularly fond of and they were starting to freak me out. I’m usually pretty cool, calm, and optimistic about life but sometimes you’ve just gotta embrace the growing pains and “do the work.” That can include digging into your past in order to move forward into the future. Speaking of the past…

Two weeks ago i poured my heart out to my ex-girlfriend, anticipating that we would reunite, and i was slammed with the crushing rejection of her saying “No thank you, I’ve happily moved on.” I put myself on the line and became vulnerable in a way which I’ve never done before. The event paralyzed me with pain and all sense of personal power had vanished.

So the week leading up to my Portland Oregon, World Domination Summit trip, had been (how do they say it in french………) PRETTY FUCKING BAD.

WDS booklets!

Thursday things were different though.

I was in a new city with strange people who actually smiled at me when i walked by. The sun was shining on the sidewalks and the city had started to seduce me (or was it the other way around?)

I jumped on twitter and checked out the #WDS hashtag to find a bunch of people meeting up downtown for drinks. No dizzzzoubt! I’m down with that. So i jump on the bus, get to the gathering, and let the madness begin.

I sat down to get some food with the likes of David UrsilloFarnoosh Brock, and a couple of other remarkably awesome people. They helped coach me on how to answer a question that i anticipated we’d all be bombarded with that weekend:

“What do you do?”

By the end of our interaction, i had profound clarity on how to answer that: “I’m a professional bad-ass.” Oh no wait, it was “I’m a writer. I’m writing a book to help people find their purpose.” Simple. Straight forward. Clean cut. And a bit of shock value. I’m sold.

With those 13 words committed to memory, i was ready dominate the world. Good timing too because the last thing i wanted to think about this weekend was Sensophy. I had come up against some resistance in continuing to publish posts twice a week. To me, it felt like i was more committed to writing about the extraordinary life and less committed to living it. It wasn’t always that way though and i decided that this weekend would be different. Word.

Fuck Sensophy.

Fuck my expectations. And fuck my fear of losing everything i had worked so hard to build.

I had to get outta’ my head and what better way to do it then by being fully present with no obligations to do anything but just be me. And with the increasing number of people who were showing up, it was exceedingly easy for me to do exactly that. I threw back a beer and opened myself up.

This was pretty much my philosophy for the entire weekend. Fuck the future. Focus on the present. And as i write this now, there are some slight consequences to that ideology, including an infection that I’m battling (not sexual, you perv!!) But let me be the first mofo to tell you… IT WAS WELL WORTH IT!

Nathan Agin and I

Thursday night ended with me walking a wonderful woman back to her hotel and although we didn’t swap saliva, love was in the air. I felt it and fuck was it refreshing. But before going directly home, i stopped back into the karaoke joint where attendance included:

Goodnight Thursday.

Friday was fun.

How’s that for the understatement of the millennium? That’s like saying James Brown was edgy. It’s like saying Yao Ming’s a little tall. That’s like saying Tyler Durden seems cool. Let me rephrase it for you:

Friday was off the motherfucking meat rack!!

In fact, in the entire history of my family’s lineage, i was about to do something that no Sokol had ever done before. I was about to jump out of an airplane. Gravity ain’t got squat on me!

Flying face first outta an airplane really didn’t freak me out though – it was just another day on the agenda, another thing lined up on the schedule. We waited around, suited up, and took off high into the sky. After being in flight for about 7 minutes, i asked the dude who was strapped to my back how far up we had gone. I could tell it was almost time to jump. My man behind me replied that we were 2,000 feet above ground… “Oh okay,” i replied as i subtly continued to question him: “how high up are we going?

WDS Sky-Diving Dare Devils!

13,000 feet!!!

As i looked out the window into the surreal surrounding, i went into a deeply reflective state and asked myself a very serious question.

“What the hell was i thinking when i decided to do this?”

At that exact moment, it wasn’t that i was chicken-shit or scared for my life (okay maybe a bit of both) but when you’re about to plunge out of an airplane, a very meditative awareness comes over you. I found my peace and then worked on coping with it. My main methods were two simple structures i set up.

The first method was to focus on my breathing with big belly breaths while counting the inhales: 1, 2, 3, 4, hold, 2, 3, 4, exhale, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8.

The second method was an outburst of… “FUCK YOU WE’RE ABOUT TO DO THIS SHITTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!”

1, 2, 3, 4, hold, 2, 3, 4, exhale, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8.


1, 2, 3, 4, hold, 2, 3, 4, exhale, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8.


Before i knew it i was flying face first through the air while throwing right hand power punches and left hand hooks. The free-fall lasted about a minute where we descended 10,000 feet in that short time span. When people ask me how it was, the best word I’ve been able to describe it with is *intense.*

Where is Jenny and I

Where Is Jenny?

One of my favorite parts of that morning was cooling out with my homegirl Jenny. Although we had never met before, this bad ass, tell-it-like-it-is, skateboarding superhero, punk-rocker t-shirt wearing woman and I had committed to talking once a week, every week, about the progress of our blogs.

I felt an instant connection to her like a long-lost sibling that i had never seen before. And although there wasn’t anyone else who i had spoken to on the phone every week (beside Mr. Nonstop Awesome), i had a similar feeling with most of the people at WDS that weekend.

Question (?)

Have you ever gone to a party for an event somewhere unfamiliar? I find that, usually, people are pretty nice and friendly right? But let me ask you this… Have you ever been invited to someone you know’s family party (especially in a Spanish home?!)

People aren’t just nice, they’re WARM because there’s love in that household. That was the feeling of WDS. It wasn’t an event, it was Chris’ family party. Nothing but love in every room of the party.

Mi amigas y amigos!

Speaking of parties,

Friday night was the opening party of WDS. I strolled through solo with my NY swag still high from the sky-diving and as i approached the check-in line, i ran into Corbett Barr, Scott Dinsmore, and Barron Cuadro. Since every interaction I’ve ever had with these dudes before then had been online, it was quite fitting that when we finally connected in the flesh, it was waiting ON-LINE!

I’ve got a confession to make. It’s not something I’m proud of although i don’t have any shame associated with it. It’s just the way i roll…

I don’t read blogs!

I read books. However, there are two blogs i check frequently. One is Smart Passive Income and the other is Corbett’s blog. So out of all the possible people i could have connected with this weekend, Corbett was one of the ones i would have really liked to spend some time with. But i didn’t. I really only spoke to him initially and i think i know why.

I know he’s got some authority in the blogosphere and i didn’t wanna “game him” and “friend him up” to tap into the power of his social network. What’s fucked up is that from what i know of him, i actually dig the dude on a personal level. But for some ignoramus-ass reason,  i stayed away from him because i didn’t want to “use him.

The opening night party!

The party was dope yo!

Lots and lots and lots of loquacious ladies. I’ll admit it. I’ve been spending so much time in my home office that i don’t have nearly the social life I’d ideally have if everything went the way i wanted it to. But being surrounding with 500 plus people who all have similar interests was like letting the water-levy of my love-life down. Everything all flowed forward. I was, as they say it in the pros, “in the zone.

There are a couple of things in life that REALLY make me come alive. One is doing things that are unrealistic. Two is getting out of my comfort zone. And three is being “in the zone” socially (and/or sexually) with a woman.

The most memorable moment at the party that night didn’t come from sensually eye-gazing with the lovely ladies of the evening. It wasn’t even when i was laying with the red-dressed-woman in the slowly swinging hammock. Hahaha… oh no no no no no. It was this…

The Vibrator

As i hovered silently for a second, like a hawk about to strike its supper, sizing up the circumstances, waiting to seize the perfect opening to scoop right in, i listened. I was standing next to two chicks, one which i had seen earlier that had particularly peaked my interest aesthetically. I was waiting for the perfect moment to insert myself into her conversation and see if she could stimulate me intellectually with the same zest i imagined should could physically.

I waited and watched. The girl’s friend was fumbling through the WDS gift bag she had just received. “Friend” suddenly pulled out a clear water-bottle with a pink filter-top. I saw her clinch it in a way which seemed very familiar to her. She had such a tight grip and even an interesting technique for touching it. She twirled it around with a twinkle in her eyes. “Where have i seen this before,” i subconsciously thought. Suddenly, she said the words that every man’s sexual-side wishes he would catch a woman saying…

It reminds me of my vibrator.

WDS Gift bags (no vibrators, just water-bottles!)


I was already feeling social and there was NO FUCKING WAY i was willing to let this moment pass. So i scooped in and interjected: “Well i don’t know of a better time to join a conversation than now. Please go on…

Ahhhhhhhhh. Classic craziness that’s actually the norm at parties but most people don’t have the balls (or in this case vibrator) to talk openly about. The look on her face was insurmountable, until only moments later, when she flipped the script and spilled the beans about her friend’s little pocket-rocket back at home.

Why am i writing this on Sensophy right now?

Because it’s true and delightful and real and hilarious and i loved every second of it. There’s a great quote by Howard Thurman that i’ve heard 20,000 times and it goes: “Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive, and go do it. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.” Well that moment made me come alive and sitting here now, thinking about the subtle sexual energy that was being tossed around brings a warm smile to my face.

I don’t wanna tell you a bunch of theory or technique on how you can apply the same “strategy” i did to get girls to open up sexually. That’s not what this is about. I just wanna share what was fun for me this weekend. And what was fun was the look on this poor little naughty girls face.

The rest of the night was nuts and i won’t get too descriptive here but I’ll leave you with this vision. The conference doors opened at 8:30AM on Saturday and i was a block away at that time. The only difference between me and the other 499 people on that block is that i was waiting for a bus which was taking me in the opposite direction since i was just then heading back to the hostel from the night before. Good times.

Zen Habits meetup!

Saturday was dope,

as i started the day off half-hungover doing handstands in the park with Sarah Peck. It wasn’t long after that that Jenny Blake and i booty bumped each other and she hooked me up with a copy of her Life After College book! I ran into Emilie Wapnick and Abe Cajudo and kicked it with them. Niall Doherty showed face. I friended the fuck outta loads of people and had inspiring conversations with plenty of familiar online avatars.

There are tons of other online posts that go into depth about what formally happened at WDS and if you’re looking for a recap of the speakers, you can check out Chris’ official wrap up here: WDS 2011: “The Heart Attack of Awesome!”

Sunday night was a racket,

and i don’t play tennis. Listen… If the girl who i met at the after-party food-cart is reading this, you’re good. I mean, you really had me going girl. Rock on. I see big things coming your way. But i digress to progress. It was also nice to get back to the hostel and strike up a spontaneous conversation with another random WDS attendee. This fine young lady happened to be a stripper who lives 3000 miles away from Portland- but check this out – only 7 blocks away from me back home in Rego Park NY!! Gotta’ love hostel travel.

Upon reflection, i did notice that i spent much more time chasing tail than i did connecting with “big named bloggers” and “networking opportunities.” This is a perfect parallel for why i’m so much more productive with a girlfriend in my life. It makes me think of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs and i how i had been working toward the top level of his pyramid (self-actualization) without having the bottoms ones in a better place (love-life!)

If i was hubbyed up with a wifey right now, i know that this weekend would have been a lot more productive pertaining to the growth of Sensophy because my other primal needs would have been put in place. But that’s just not the case so i embraced being single and ready to mingle. The power that a romantic relationship brings to my life is obnoxiously underrated.

Tough Love! (Photo by Farnoosh Brock)

Monday was magnificent.

Okay well this just turned into one long journal entry. Let me quickly tell you about Monday night. I went out with some of the same people who were there the first night and found myself in a conversation with Steve Kamb from Nerd Fitness. I grilled him about the process for launching his first eBook and dude spewed straight shots of fire flames from his esophagus.

I spoke to Steve about specific resistance i was running into pertaining to getting the “On Purpose” book done. Dude totally coached me through what i needed to know. Not only that, but Steve made me set a release-date for it and said he would call me out if i didn’t have it done by then.

So in the same way that i said “Fuck you John” when he challenged me to get Gary Vee to bring me to a Jets game, i say “Fuck you Steve” because the book will be done by July 19th. Asshole. Of course to be public about it, Steve is one hell of a nice guy and no matter how much shit I’m giving him online, it comes from a place of brotherly love.

In conclusion,

it wasn’t the speakers that made the weekend so spectacular. It was the people. It was the passion. It was the purpose. It was the collective energy of free-spirited creativity that pulsated throughout Portland’s Art Museum. I’d love to share with you all of the other flirtatious, high-energy, low-talking interactions that had happened but let’s save those stories for in person. Chris Guilebeau did one helluvah-job throwing together this event and I highly recommend you come next year. Simply said, THAT, was an extraordinary weekend!

Nathan Agin and I

Nathan Agin, Sean Ogle, and I

Where is Jenny getting pieced!