There is no there. There’s now. Now or never. There’s this. Yet you cling to the seductive mystique of that, there, and then.

I’ll be happy when… I’ll be successful when… I’ll be fulfilled when… I’ll be chillen when… I’ll be content when…

Well… When?

41 stories erected into Tokyo’s night sky, I stood face to pane with a picturesque panorama deserving of a premium postcard. Pondering…

100 million eyes of electricity stared squarely into my soul. I marveled at my insignificance. WOW.

One day… One day it’d be incredible to be here. One day… One day this could be my reality.

All I’d need to do is start focusing on bringing in some more money. I can do this, I know I can. If I just adjust myself and shift some of my priorities, I can get here. Seriously, it may take a few years, maybe even a decade, but if I give this goal everything I’ve got, I’ll get here.

We all desire the finer things in life, figuring we’ll find fulfillment through them. I’m no exception. God bless us and our ambitions to get there.

Welcome to The Park Hyatt in Tokyo, Japan – currently rated as one of the top five Hyatt hotels in the world. Life is good. And the air wreaks of affluence. It was stunning. It was glamorous. It was elite. And I itched to be there someday.

I was waiting for my Pops to come back from our room on the 42nd floor. We were staying in the hotel for four days as part of our father/son trip to Japan. But you knew that. We scored this sweet stint by each applying for a Hyatt credit card which gives you two free nights at any of their facilities. That’s four free nights in total (and two free round-trip flights from New York to Tokyo gained via another credit card we each applied for). The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree – but it rolls.

We were living the dream. Make no doubt about it, this joint was filled with high-class ass. Starting at over $500 per night, it was an experience I desired to duplicate numerous times in my life. And one day… One day, I’d get to the place where I could be here with these peeps for real. I’d get there.

Fantasizing about all the finagling that’d have to ensue, for a series of seconds I contemplated various business plans conducive to building the bank account and amounting the degree of affluence necessary for attaining this experience. And then…

BAM. A sudden jolt of CPR for the soul, my shoulders slid back and my solar-plexus protruded forward.

A moment of clarity… Vivid awareness… Truth…

There is no there. There’s now. Now or never. There’s this. I AM ALREADY THERE.

I don’t need to change business plans. I don’t need to wait a decade. I don’t need to fantasize about finagling various financial ventures.

When is now… When is here… When is this…

You’ve got goals… Ambitions… Aspirations… And I love that about you. Make no mistake, it’s a beautiful dimension of your deeply cultivated character. Happy people have projects. I’ve got ’em too. But when our goals continuously stand between us connecting and fully experiencing now, when we sacrifice our current capacity to love and be loved based on the idealization of eventually getting there, then those same goals counteract the unconscious motive our ambitions seek to satisfy.

Happiness… Love… Fulfillment… Appreciation… Bliss…

It starts now. It lives here. It resides in the intangible.

The ineffable never exists in an alternate moment.

One day… is today.

If you take the time to appreciate what we have, I’ll meet you there.

If you question where it’ll lead… I’ll answer you, but where else…

Here. There.

Now. Forever.

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